100 photos from the collection of the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

From the very beginning, photography played an important role at the bauhaus, from a playful or experimental manner to the targeted application of its own products. As a flexible medium, photography was also particularly well suited to capture the untroubled life at the bauhaus on immediate way, thus conveying to posterity the atmospheric image of a young avant-garde. We are pleased to present the multifaceted nature of photography at the bauhaus with this publication and to take the reader on a journey through time into the world of the bauhaus ...


bauhaus.photo.100 photos from the collection of the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin and Anja Guttenberger (ed.), 2015.

ISBN: 9783922613466

Anja Guttenberger / Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

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