From Bauhaus to a School of Schools?

bauhaus now #3


What are the big design tasks and problems in the 21st century? What are architects working on today? What are their dreams? What challenges do they face? And does the holistic approach of the Bauhaus still offer solutions for the future?

With the key areas performance and education, the third issue covers both the intangible as well as the tangible core of the Bauhaus – in the latter case, the iconic Bauhaus building in Dessau. Its revolutionary new teaching structure – including the Bauhaus stage as a place for exploring space and the human being – has shaped design and art education worldwide since one hundred years.

In this year’s Design Biennial in Istanbul, Jan Boelen and his curator team explore how the Bauhaus became a school of schools and what fresh stimuli the Bauhaus could offer today instead of blind veneration for its historic achievements.

On 100 pages, numerous prominent figures such as the founder of performa and Bauhaus expert RoseLee Goldberg, the choreographer Sasha Waltz, the digital performance artist Signe Pierce and the art lecturer Susan Orr engage with the questions which media, which forms of presentation and which content today still follow the Bauhaus idea, often without being aware of it or even claiming to do so.

The issue also covers: the 100 year bauhaus gallery with artistic answers from Stefano Pilati, Richard Siegal, Wolfgang Tillmans and the icon of Dionysian theatre, Richard Schechner. Moreover, the issue covers an intervention by the director Ersan Mondtag as well as a background discussion with the curator of the opening festival 100 years of bauhaus, Bettina Wagner-Bergelt.

Publisher: 100 years of bauhaus, Weimar
Design and editing: Stan Hema, Berlin
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Articles from the third edition of bauhaus now:

100 Years on Stage

History Is About Radical Moments

artnet magazine recently voted her the “world’s most active performance curator.” One of her accomplishments is most definitely the founding of the New York Performa Institute, an exceptional undertaking. Her expertise in contemporary art is based on a profound exploration of the modernist stage. We talked to her about 100 years of bauhaus and the upcoming Performa Biennial.

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Kenta Nakamura,
bauhaus now #3 | German Federal Cultural Foundation

“Art Is Never a Good Sedative”

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Stan Hema
Opening Festival

“Bauhaus Is Still Putting Us on the Right Track”

The grand Bauhaus Year 2019 will be inaugurated with a large-scale opening festival in Berlin. For one week, international artists from the fields of dance, theater and music will be devoting their attention to contemporary topics within the context of the Bauhaus’s performative inquiries. Bettina Wagner-Bergelt, the festival’s curator, discusses this multifaceted celebration of a bauhaus now.

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Stan Hema
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