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Japan is also celebrating 100 years of bauhaus – until autumn 2020

Haus Werk

Art and Nature – the two are merged at the Australian McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park. The private collection belonging to the McClelland family has found a rural home between trees and lakes. One aim of the open-air museum in the State of Victoria is to encourage discourse on the interaction between art and public spaces through exhibitions. Works by Australian and international artists constantly create new connections in this way. “Haus Werk” is dedicated to the Bauhaus and will remain open until March 15. The exhibition investigates whether the Bauhaus concept changes when the cultural environment is radically different.


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Jordan Marani
Jordan Marani, Haus Werk II (2019), pencil and acrylic on board, 30 x 40cm

Beyond Bauhaus

The Royal Institute Of British Architects in London is presenting what belongs together: “Beyond Bauhaus – Modernism In Britain 1933 To 1966” celebrates the birth of the Bauhaus and its three heroes Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and Lászlo-Moholy-Nagy. All three men lived in England in the 1930s and left their traces there. “Beyond Bauhaus” not only looks back at this period of new architectural beginnings, but also focuses on the subsequent period: works by the British architectural offices Maxwell Fry, FRS Yorke, Mary Crowley, Leslie Martin and Sadie Speight accompany the sketches, plans and photos by the avant-garde trio.


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RIBA Collections
House in Ferriby by Leslie Martin and Sadie Speight (1935)

kommt ans bauhaus

In Japan, the exhibition “kommt ans bauhaus” changes the perspective: away from the results, buildings, design, typography, art and everyday objects, and towards the question of how the Bauhaus teachers taught. What were their methods, how did the dialogue with students take place, and how did they handle motivation and feedback? “kommt ans bauhaus” takes a close look at the great lecturers and their techniques, investigating Kandinsky, Klee and co. from a different perspective. The exhibition will be opened to the public in Kagawa from February 8th to March 22nd and then tours through Japan until September 6th.


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Niigata, Niigata City Museum of Art
Exhibition poster "kommt ans bauhaus!"


Until March 31, you can learn more about the Haavara Agreement at the Max Liebling Haus – The White City Center in Tel Aviv. The agreement allowed Zionists in Palestine to receive building materials from National Socialists in Germany. The exhibition “Transferumbau” studies this transfer agreement from an artistic, architectural and political perspective.


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Foto: Yael Schmidt
Tel Aviv: Max Liebling Haus, staircase
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