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News from the Programme | April 2019

making futures bauhaus+
mobile workshops making futures bauhaus+

Bauhaus Spirit

The documentary by Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch that the Stiftung HFG Ulm will screen on 14th April connects the Bauhaus from the past with today’s city. The pair went on a journey for ARTE and ZDF and describes the continuation of the architectural and town planning Bauhaus spirit after its destruction by the Nazis. Their search for traces led Tielsch and Bolbrinker to the satellite cities of urban centres, to favelas on the periphery of large megacities, to North Carolina and Tel Aviv.


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Making Future Bauhaus+

The action research project Making Bauhaus+ also engages with architecture. The initiators focus particularly on architecture as a collective form and resource. In best Bauhaus tradition they act as an experimental research unit, advancing future paths in architectural practice and education. Making Futures Bauhaus+ is a cooperation of the Berlin University of the Arts and raumlaborberlin. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI). The young researchers will travel around the world, analysing , documenting, collecting ideas and impressions and discussing these on site from 1st April to 1st October.


making futures bauhaus+
mobile workshops making futures bauhaus+

CENTURY. idee bauhaus

100 artists place themselves and their exhibition CENTURY. idee bauhaus. fully in the present. They all reflect on their position on the bauhaus idea on a DIN A4 sheet of paper and present their thoughts at the Berlin based gallery drj – dr. julius / ap, showing both personal closeness and distance to the topic. The list of names of the 100 artists who contributed either a multiple or serial work to the exhibition can be accessed online at www.dr-julius.de/drj_projects__CENTURY.html. The real life exhibition will start on 28th April.

Lucio Pozzi / CENTURY. idee bauhaus

Weimar in the West: Republic of Opposites

Finally a retrospective: The Weimar Republic was defined by contrasts. The travelling exhibition of the regional associations Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) and Rhineland (LVR) lets us experience this special aspect of our German history. Four accessible cubes with diverse multimedia products present previously unknown photos and films. They offer an in-depth and detailed glimpse of “Weimar in the West”. An extensive introduction to general German history between the German Empire and National Socialism complements this regional perspective. The exhibition will be on show at the Cologne Landeshaus from 1st April to 16th May.


LWL-Medienzentrum für Westfalen / Ernst Krahn
Moderner Bau vor einem einsturzgefährdeten Fachwerkhaus in Bochum 1928
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