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Programme News: July 2019

weissensee kunsthochschule berlin
Helena Hiegemann sketches - tracking talents

Town and village church music in the Weimar region

When things start getting too hot in the city, the greenery and fresh air of the countryside beckon. In the Weimarer Land, the freshness of summer can be combined with culture: Lyonel Feininger was inspired by more than 40 churches there, capturing the character of these buildings in paintings, sketches, etchings, lithographs, woodcuts and watercolours. Glass plaques and blue signs guide visitors to these places of worship. For the “Stadt- und Dorfkirchenmusik” festival, ten of the town and village churches portrayed by Feininger throughout the region will be hosting music performances until 14 July 2019.

Stephen Lehmann
Aurelia String Quartet


While Feininger was painting, his neighbour in Weimar was experimenting with the young medium of film: László Moholy-Nagy was practising New Vision. All that he was lacking was an audience, because his ideas did not suit the taste of the masses. In their film installation THINGS TO COME, the two creatives Angela Zumpe and Oliver Held present their interpretation of what life in the Moholy-Nagy household might have been like. They will be projecting various scenes as light-image-sound productions in the Moritzburg in Halle, which the audience can wander through and discover. You can delve into this network of moving images, sound and colour until 25 August 2019.

Angela Zumpe, Frank Marten Pfeiffer (Kamera): László (Florian Denk) auf hoher See / Standbild aus CIAM-Architekturkongress von László Moholy-Nagy, Courtesy of Hattula Moholy-Nagy/Light Cone Paris © paste up production
Draft for the film installation by Angela Zumpe at the Moritzburg Art Museum Halle (Saale)

tracking talents

The Tracking Talents exhibition, although monothematic, promises to be no less interesting. The project has developed an update to the new education and the new production processes that played a decisive role at the Bauhaus. At the foreground is fashion as a design process, as an exploration of material and technology. At the core, however, is the question of how young makers of fashion can fulfil their responsibility towards people and the environment. Inspired by the Bauhaus as a social utopia, the designers involved have set themselves the task of contributing towards society’s development through their work. What does that mean in concrete terms? You can find out at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin’s Museum of Decorative Arts, through 4 August 2019.

weissensee kunsthochschule berlin
Knitting Machine Henrike Schmitz


If you plan to take the IndustrieKulTour in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, you need to wear your walking shoes. The tour includes three monuments of building culture, all of which were erected between 1909 and 1939 – the route goes from the town hall to the museum of industry and film to the municipal cultural centre and back. The guided tour takes place every week until the summer of 2020.



Encounters with Southeast Asian Modernism

But maybe the heat of July will propel you far and wide to foreign places. If your travels happen to take you to Jakarta, Singapore, Yangon or Phnom Penh, then you can engage there with scientists, activists, architects, designers and artists as part of the “Encounters with Southeast Asian Modernism”, in an examination of the impact of modernism amidst the tension between globalisation and local identity.

Moritz Henning
National Sports Complex Phnom Penh

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    Photo: (Screenshot from the film) Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
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