Lived Visions and a New Era

Programme News | March 2019

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / Foto: Timo Herbst

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2019 is the Year of the Bauhaus. And as befits the celebration of such a multifaceted institution, the regional traditions of each site set unique accents tied to place. Even the three new museum buildings in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, all of which encourage intensive exploration of the Bauhaus, are only comparable at first glance. In Saxony-Anhalt, for example, the opening of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, planned for September, marks the beginning of a new era: until now, only a small selection of objects had been on display in the Bauhaus building as representatives of the treasures in the world’s second largest Bauhaus collection.

The beginning of this new era was marked by a kick-off event on 23 February, when the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invited people to enjoy an open stage, music, theatrical performances and lectures in the recently glassed-in museum building. It is part of a festival programme that extends through the year and involves all the Bauhaus sites in Dessau. The “School Fundamental” festival takes place from 20 to 24 March in the historic Bauhaus building. In this Parliament of Schools, it will be possible, together with 15 international institutions of alternative design education, to explore the exciting question of what a Bauhaus of today could be – including learning experiments and situations for practical study. The next events are the “Radical Architecture” festival at the end of May and the “Stage Total” festival shortly after the official opening of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau in September.

This spring, another location that is still established today as a place of education will also celebrate its 100th anniversary: the Loheland School of Physical Education, Agriculture and Handicraft. Similar to the Bauhaus, this domestic and educational community for women was established to engage the whole person – which entailed not only gymnastics but also art, handicraft and working in tandem with nature. The Loheland100 festival programme, which begins in March, commemorates this social reform movement with guided tours through the historic colony, an international conference for teachers of arts and crafts in April and the exhibition “Loheland – Lived Visions for a New World”, which will be on view at the Vonderau Museum in Fulda starting in September 2019.

From the atmosphere of optimism in the early Weimar Republic to the worldwide resonance of modernism: it is not only the leitmotif of the “bauhaus imaginista” exhibition that opens on 15 March at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (as reported in our last newsletter). The ITB Berlin international trade fair for tourism, which starts 6 March, will also focus on Bauhaus events around the world. At a press conference, the Bauhaus Association 2019 will present projects from the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, Japan and Spain – all of which were initiated in collaboration with international partners and carried out as part of the Bauhaus Year – including high-calibre exhibitions, top-class concerts and a genuine Bauhaus Ball.

For all those who are stricken with wanderlust: the touring exhibition “” will be shown in March at Sabine Street Studios in Houston, Texas. It presents 100 key photographic works from the Bauhaus-Archiv, including works from Walter Peterhans’s famous photography class. If you prefer to approach the theme of Bauhaus photography through the lens of a rather unknown photographer, you can do so from 24 March in an exhibition at the Emil Schumacher Museum in Hagen. It is dedicated to the work of the photographer and experimental filmmaker Heinrich Brocksieper, who remained in artistic exchange with former fellow students from Weimar for the rest of his life.

Another media revolution of the Bauhaus is illuminated by the exhibition “Painted Diagrams. Bauhaus, Art and Infographics” at the Museum of Concrete Art (MKK) in Ingolstadt. It opens on 30 March with a roaring “Art and Beat” party – from live speakers in front of artworks to food trucks, everything revolves around the astonishing interaction between infographics and art that began at the Bauhaus. The recently released trailer for the exhibition reveals that cognitive processes can indeed be aesthetically shaped in a compelling way:



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