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Dance the Bauhaus!

“Bauhaus Is Still Putting Us on the Right Track”

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The grand Bauhaus Year 2019 will be inaugurated with a large-scale opening festival in Berlin. For one week, international artists from the fields of dance, theater and music will be devoting their attention to contemporary topics within the context of the Bauhaus’s performative inquiries. Bettina Wagner-Bergelt, the festival’s curator, discusses this multifaceted celebration of a bauhaus now.

Stan Hema
Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Dance the Bauhaus!

Big Bauhaus stage

From 16th to 24th January „100 years bauhaus. The opening festival “ invites you on a creative and experimental journey, focussing on the legendary Bauhaus stage: nine days, ten world premières, over 100 artists participating in the Akademie der Künste at Hanseatenweg. Today we would like to present the programme highlights.

Klassik Stiftung Weimar)
Discover the Bauhaus!

Musical journeys and Christmas cards

All over the country the preparations for 100 years Bauhaus are running at top speed. While the advance ticket sale for the opening festival in Berlin has already started, the construction work in the three Bauhaus institutions Berlin, Dessau and Weimar has not yet been completed. The Bauhaus and modernism are already part of very diverse events elsewhere in the country.

gemeinfrei / Spencer Collection, The New York Public Libary. (1920 – 1921). Mann Retrieved (,_from_the_Kreuzigung_Spielgang_Werk_VII_collection.jpg?uselang=de)
Understand the Bauhaus!

Body, emotion and originality on the early Bauhaus stage: Lothar Schreyer and Gertrud Grunow

The name Oskar Schlemmer is particularly closely associated with the Bauhaus stage. His predecessor Lothar Schreyer is, however, hardly known. Schreyer’s stage work and concept were significantly influenced by the Bauhaus teacher Gertrud Grunow. New research findings on Gertrud Grunow make for a better understanding of these connections.

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